Named Contacts

When is a teacher not a teacher…?

Many teachers will tell you that the reason they entered the classroom was for a genuine passion for their subject or for educating young minds. Teaching was a vocation not just another job. However, the Twenty-First Century school needs skills in administration, social work, business management, accountancy and much more. As a result, the vast majority of schools employ a School Business Manager and many outsource pastoral care. The education and health sectors are almost unrecognisable from the last time we had a Conservative Prime Minister.

So, who should we be talking to?

The Education List contains hundreds of thousands of named contacts so it’s simply a case of aiming your message at the right ones. Broadly speaking, we can group our named contacts into three brackets:

  • Senior Leadership Team
    includes Headteachers, Deputy and Assistant Heads, School Business Managers, Chairs of Governors, etc…
  • Subject Leaders
    includes Art, Business Studies, Citizenship, Drama, Economics, English, Geography, German, History, ICT, Maths, Modern Foreign Languages, Science, Technology, etc…
  • Administrators & Others
    includes Heads’ PAs, School Secretaries, Caretakers, etc…

The contacts that The Education Company and our clients are primarily interested in are decision-makers and budget-holders, and so there are far more of these available.

At what times are teachers waiting by the phone?

Well, unfortunately they don’t and nor should we expect them to. We must remember that teachers are in school to teach, so we are unlikely to get immediate responses to our promotions. Senior managers and subject leaders may have their own offices, but we wouldn’t have knowledge of timetables to estimate when they’d be sat in front of their computer and telephone. However, in some cases we do hold the school start, break and end times so you can schedule meetings.

We currently hold over 200,000 named email addresses so you can contact school leaders and teachers directly rather than via the school office email address. These direct email addresses are available to our Education List subscribers or we can broadcast your message on your behalf. Contact us to discuss the best option for you.