Spirit CRM

A professional and established CRM solution for education salespeople.

One Customer View​

One of the most important things your CRM must do is provide a single and accurate view of the customer. SPIRIT is an organisation-centric solution. Our commitment to you is to ensure that every source of data in your business is integrated into a single view of the customer. This view will include not only the contacts and sales but also wider relationships, e.g. multi-academy trusts.

Single Customer View
MAT Sales Management

MAT Sales Management

Selling to multi-academy trusts and other school federations is becoming a lucrative opportunity for education suppliers and will most likely become the norm over time. SPIRIT has specific tools designed to support trust-wide selling.​

360 Alerts

When multiple teams are approaching the same school/teachers 360 degree alerts are essential. SPIRIT CRM has a sophisticated alerts system ensuring all users are aware of what all other users are doing within an account.​

360 Alerts
Dynamic Insights

Dynamic Insights​

Utilising the extensive data mappings and profiling built into the SPIRIT database, the CRM system provides dynamic insights for sales people e.g. nearest customer with similar profile – ideal for reference sites and case studies.​

Sales Pipeline Management​

Ultimately you need to sell. SPIRIT CRM provides all the sales pipeline tools you would expect from a modern enterprise level CRM solution.​

Sales Pipeline Management
Customer Service

Customer Service

SPIRIT is an enterprise level CRM and can therefore manage and audit all aspects of your customer service activities including help desk, order processing and customer care.​