Everything you need to sell to the education sector

SPIRIT is a sales and marketing platform used by many of the UK’s largest and most successful education suppliers. SPIRIT is much more than just a piece of software; it is a fully-managed data ecosystem. Every SPIRIT contract includes access to essential marketing data, a dedicated account manager AND a comprehensive data integration & maintenance service.



SPIRIT is three distinct, but fully integrated, modules. Each is available independently, although most of our clients opt to use all three.

The two most common causes of  system failure are poor data and poor user adoption. To avoid these problems both data management and account management are bundled into every SPIRIT contract.

The best education data

Every SPIRIT solution includes access to the largest and most accurate database of education. With over £250,000 spent annually growing and maintaining the data you can stop worrying about prospect data.

Dedicated Account Manager​

Every CRM system needs a CRM expert to manage configuration, training and implementation. Most education suppliers can’t justify a dedicated CRM manager, with SPIRIT you don’t have to – we do that job for you.

Data Maintenance contract​

Data accuracy and a single (accurate) view of the customer is essential. That is why EVERY SPIRIT contract includes a comprehensive data maintenance service that eliminates duplicates and maximizes data accuracy.

educator names​
email addresses
demographic data points​