Direct Mail

Sending Direct Mail to schools

Direct Mail is an essential element in many communication strategies for schools.

Our team will show you how to take advantage of the intelligence gained through digital activity to power your postal campaigns and ensure the best ROI for what can be an expensive medium.

Monitoring teachers who repeatedly interact with digital content but do not convert, and then sending a focused direct mail piece, can successfully close sales.

Meanwhile, identifying teachers who are not responding to your digital campaigns while sending them an alternative offer by post, stretches the reach of your campaign even further.

Connecting direct mail messages with segmentation powered by our Spirit demographics will significantly increase return on investment. It’s not necessarily about reducing the overall universe you are contacting but ensuring that what you say to each group resonates and makes an impact.

EdCo can integrate direct mail activity into any marketing project. We will ensure sector-specific design and content while scheduling your digital delivery and organising print and fulfilment through our trusted partners.

“EdCo have promoted the Fiver and Tenner Challenges to busy teachers for the last three years. Their positive, can-do attitude helped to reach and engage our target audiences. I have found them to be consistently creative and forward-thinking in their approach and delivery and very much value the contribution they make.”
Eileen Gannon, Young Enterprise