Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing campaigns to schools

EdCo’s experienced digital marketing team work with a broad range of suppliers from large charities and resource providers to those just beginning to find their feet in the sector.

EdCo focuses on results-driven activity and works hard to ensure that your communications are optimised to provide the maximum return on investment.

EdCo provide:

  • Data-driven campaign strategies that entice your target audience to take action
  • Behavioural and profile segmentation to ensure your audience will be interested in your offer
  • Behavioural Economics techniques that ‘nudge’ recipients
  • Dynamic content in our email marketing to schools so that your messaging achieves best market fit
  • Expert email design that is enhanced to work across all inboxes and devices, including mobile (of course!)
  • Copywriting skills that will connect with teaching professionals
  • A/B testing on subject lines and even email content
  • Inbox and spam testing to ensure that maximum deliverability
  • Triggered and automated email campaigns
  • Optimised sending times based on recipient opening patterns
  • Detailed analytics and reporting on campaigns, including recommendations
“EdCo’s marketing services have been an invaluable resource for us. Helping us to reach our target market. Fantastic!”
Emma Cork, UK Sales Manager, Britannica Digital Learning