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With more than 20 years of experience in K-12 classrooms, Promethean are a global leader in education technology.

With more than 20 years of experience in K-12 classrooms, Promethean are a global leader in education technology.

Their combined hardware and software solutions are designed to transform learning spaces into collaborative and connected environments, promote student participation and engagement throughout the learning process.

Promethean’s Global reach:

  • 1 million classrooms with Promethean Interactive displays
  • 4 million+ teachers, parents and students registered on Promethean software platforms worldwide
  • 50,000+ schools and institutions in 154 countries using Promethean solutions

Promethean’s goal is to reimagine and reinvent educational technologies that empower the classroom.

To understand what affects, empowers and influences educators in the UK and Ireland, Promethean conduct an annual market-leading piece of research, The State of Technology in Education Report.

Promethean’s challenge was to reach as many educators as possible in order to gain a data set that included the opinions of a wide range of people.

EdCo provided vital support Promethean in maximising responses to their online research and with wider marketing activities.

EdCo also utilise market-leading data to create a digital campaign that leads to the highest research participation possible and satisfy all sampling criteria.

Within the digital campaign offered by EdCo, dynamic content is integrated in order to reach those working in schools and colleges, including:

  • Senior Leaders
  • Classroom Teachers 
  • ICT leaders​

Our vast dataset of Direct2Teacher email addresses leads to exposure of these research pieces to over 100,000 school contacts, in over 22,300 educational establishments. ​​

We are also able to employ our Classroom Voice market-research brand. This allows us to both to extend the reach of this survey and remove any commercial bias that using a brand name may incur.​​

The 2019/20 survey received responses from over 2,000 educators and the EdCo Spirit Database has enabled a 100% year on year traffic increase for the Promethean UK and Ireland education blog.

“Promethean have worked with EdCo for over 10 years because of their commitment to providing compliant and in-depth data. Since establishing our annual State of Technology in Education Report, their campaign support has helped us to create one of the leading pieces of research in the UK edtech sector.”
Karen Shackleton, Head of Field Marketing Europe for Promethean